Postal surveys

Would you like this in writing?

You wish to approach your target group in writing for example by sending out a questionnaire? We will carry out national as well as international projects for you. Thanks to our efficient international network we are able to offer written surveys in almost any language and country at a reasonable price. We will do all co-ordination work, incl. translations, meaning that you have a central contact person and no additional set-up costs will be incurred.

In the case of written surveys it is important to follow a number of rules in order to generate not only the highest possible but also most significant response rate. We will be pleased to help you with our long-standing experience and will implement all necessary steps:

  • Qualification of addresses
  • Screening of the target group
  • Translation of questionnaires
  • Layout of questionnaires
  • Dispatch
  • Reminders
  • Receipt of returned questionnaires (nationally and internationally in the respective countries)
  • Data collection
  • Evaluation

You can select any of the above services, depending on your requirements.

When implementing your project, we will make use of a number of synergies with other surveying units. For example, the screening process and dispatch of reminders are carried out by our competent CATI unit, thereby enabling you to approach your target group in a goal-oriented and cost-saving manner as well as ensuring a high response rate, even from target groups which are hard to approach.

Depending on the scale of the project, data collection is carried out manually in the case of small projects or with the help of high-performance scanners in the case of large batches of mail. We use the Bellview Scan software from Confirmit.