About us

You sow the seeds and reap the fruit of your project. But who tills the field?

Good fieldwork is essential in order to produce reliable survey results. FWS is committed to producing high-quality fieldwork and result evaluation, whereby much attention is placed on efficiency in order to carry out your project in as cost-effective manner as possible.

We carry out representative or quota surveys using a range of survey methods and deliver the data in every desired format (e.g. ASCII, SPSS) or produce an evaluation in tabular form or graphically processed and represented in charts.

On request we can also support you with advice, for example when it comes to optimising your questionnaire or designing an evaluation concept.

Thanks to our commitment to quality and our long-standing experience we have acquired a high degree of market research competence in B-2-B and the pharmaceutical industry.

Do you speak Arabic?
We donít, but we have partners who do.

Our international network enables us to carry out written surveys around the globe and CATI interviews in the most important languages and countries.

Hoe, shovel or spade? What tool do you want us to use to work your field?

Our survey methods: