May we assist you in finding this out by telephone?

You would like to reach your target group by phone? We conduct high-quality computer-assisted telephone interviews at a competitive price on your behalf. Using efficient technology, we implement all required steps such as the programming of questionnaires and are pleased to carry out all your fieldwork, even international projects.

Our 200 web-based CATI stations are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including, for example, auto-dialling. In addition, audio data (radio spots, music etc.) can be played at all times and in any desired combination and rotation. We use the Bellview Fusion software from Confirmit.

We work with an interviewer pool of approx. 750 interviewers who have been carefully selected and undergo practice-oriented training before they start to work for us. For each study project they are selected by consulting our interviewer database, ensuring that the interviewers’ respective experience is comparable to that required in a particular study.

B-2-B research or research in the pharma industry, e.g. surveys involving experts, IT managers, opinion leaders or physicians, are carried out by interviewers with specific experience and competence in the relevant field.

Quality Assurance

International Projects